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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 
― Benjamin Franklin


You can begin this process before you have your tower.  Decide what you want to grow.  Look up each plant to see if does well in hydroponic systems.  


Here are some questions you want to consider:


What do you want to eat?


You could grow a ton of habanero peppers, but if you won't eat them they will go to waste.  If you arent sure what you want to grow, think about what you like in your salads.  This is a great starting point for planning your tower.


Does it vine?  How large will it grow?


Larger towers will come with a tomato cage to support vining plants.  But if you grow 10 tomato plants you won's be able to reach the center of your tower for other plants.  If you grow large plants on one side your tower will be off balance.


Is it the right season?


You can't grow tomatoes outdoors in the Pacific northwest in winter.  Select plants for the season.  Summer gives a wide variety of options, while winter in most areas will support a number of herbs.  Check local growing guides for information specific to your area.


How much sun does it need?


Unless you plan on rotating your tower frequently, you will have a sunny and a shady side, and large plants will put smaller plants in shade.  Plan for a combination of plants that do well in sun and shade and plant accordingly.  Open south facing locations will provide the most sun (north of the equator), but if light is obstructed by trees or buildings they may still be in shade.  Don't worry, you may have fewer options, but with a little research, you can make it work.


Does it grow well in your area?


This is kind of a given, but make sure the plants you are planning to grow can survive in your area.  Most vegetables are perennial, so if you are growing veggies in North America, you're going to find a ton of options.


If you've received a tower from me you have some starter food, but you want to have more ready BEFORE you need it.  Sound's obvious, but I've made this mistake before.


Check the materials page to make sure you have everything you need.




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