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Start by looking up information on when to begin seeds indoors for each type of plant you plan. Starting before the recommended date will not always yield better results. If it’s too cold or too warm, or if you have too little light, your seeds will not germinate or your plants will begin weak and not do well when the weather is finally right.

A week or so ago I began planting my seeds. I started tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños, habaneros, lettuce, summer squash, small cucumbers, thyme, and sage. I’ll end up adding more over time, but its a good start. At this point a few of the seeds have begun to sprout. I have them sitting under a grow light in my garage. I check them daily and add water to the container they are in as needed to keep the rockwool moist.

I can’t wait to place them in the tower, but I have to.

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