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Cutting (Cloning)

So, this winter I let a tower get completely out of hand and a mint plant took over the entire thing. It got so bad the mint began sprouting out of all of the openings in the tower, including the top. The mint had actually pushed another plant completely out of the tower.

When I started ripping the mint plant out of the tower I noticed long root systems were coming with the little sprouts that I was pulling up. Since I like having mint in my garden (even though I rarely use it) I figured this would be a good opportunity to share how growing from cuttings works.

Now, not all plants do well from cuttings, and for details on nutrients and best practices, consult the internet. The mint was easy since roots had formed on the branches from being in the dark tower, and being constantly wet.

As you will see below I carefully pulled the roots through the bottom of the net-pot and then filled the net-pot with playbills to hold the mint upright.

That's all there really was to it. I did this with three pieces of mint and placed them in my new herb tower. Two mint clones are doing well, and one looks to be wilting. Once one of the plants shows growth and strength I'll narrow it down to the single strongest plant, since I don't need more than one.

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